Sunday, October 26, 2008

What does the West mean to me?

The phrase "Western civilisation" can at times be a bit obtuse so I'll venture  to provide a definition. Western civilisation is that civilisation originating in Ancient Greece, further developed in Ancient Rome, adopted by the Judeo-Christian religion (Christianity) and refined by the Western and Eastern Roman empires (Byzantine) and their constituent nations, and finally gifted to most of Europe and her colonies. I guess I adhere to a somewhat unorthodox definition because I include the Eastern Roman empire or the Byzantine empire and its associated religion called Eastern orthodox. I believe the countries which formed the Byzantine empire have just as much right to be called Western. 
So too of Israel. Christianity shares a common patrimony with Judaism and without the latter there would be no Christianity. Because of this shared patrimony and because Christianity took hold of Western civilisation in Rome and then influenced it heavily and beautifully, I believe the Jews and therefore Israel ought to be included as Westerners. And Israel's opposition to the bloodthirsty Arab states which surround her, ought to be highly valued.

This is what it means to be Western and questions of race are absent.  The Byzantine empire was composed of many ethnicities and what made it work was Christianity. The thread which holds Western civilisation together is Christianity. There has to be a central authority recognised by all citizens if the civilisation is to survive. This is why multiculturalism, that cult of Western self-loathing, means disaster. Multiculturalism means the extinction of Western civilisation, and yet it is a principle of all Australian government departments, and, no doubt, plenty of European governments too. Things are pretty crook.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The first step

It always amazes me that the first step taken on the road to ruin is so apparently benign and never taken by the enemy. The first step for Islamic infiltration has been taken by a local council in Cairns which proposes to approve a development application for a mosque. 

How is that such incredible displays of gymnastic talent, in bending over backwards to accommodate the Muslims, happen so frequently? Why must we accommodate them? Why? It seems just a bit unfair that Australians are so often asked, or forced, to bend over backwards for Muslims when Muslims the world over cannot grasp the concept of a two-way street? Has anyone ever heard of churches in Iran? 

The imam in Cairns, at the centre of this planning dispute, in his quiet aggressiveness has published and distributed a booklet which tells a different story of Christ's birth and which attempts to attack that most fundamental happening in the Christian religion - the crucifixion.  And what is the imam's punishment in Australia for this? Is he attacked?  No, he gets valuable press attention and is presented in a favourable light by a Western journalist. Now what would happen if a Christian started being critical of Mohammed? One need look no further than the example of Theo Van Gogh to find an answer to that question.

The demand at present is for a Mosque but with our continued acquiescence the demand will soon be to rule.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Australia for sale

     A celebration of Islam festival was held in the suburb of Mt Gravatt in Brisbane today ostensibly to mark the end of Ramadan. Naturally there were plenty of Muslims there, but there were also a number of Westerners, such as an academic from Melbourne praising Sharia law and disparaging our "Hijabophobia."  This is only the beginning of the Muslims' plans to destroy this nation and install their own noxious system. 
     Few people can see that this is their intention. They are too busy bending over backwards for the Muslims and ensuring they get everything they want and are not offended. Why doesn't anybody ever ask the question why Australians should be making them so welcome in the first place. This is a Western country with Western values, Western institutions of government, and mostly Western inhabitants. Nothing to be ashamed of in this either, though the amount of self-loathing Westerners is frightening. The Muslim cannot live within the west, his instinct is to destroy it, and we see this response around the world today. Perhaps more horrifying is that Westerners are actually destroying themselves for the Muslims.  They do this by letting them have these open celebrations, and by removing anything which offends. At this rate the Muslims can sit idly by while Australians serve them the country course by course.
     Yes the Muslims are a minority at the moment but they breed faster than anyone else and can therefore attain a majority. When they do attain this majority they will not return the tolerance or accommodation given them by the West. Have you ever heard of Catholic week, or a Catholic celebration to mark the end of lent in Iran?
     Equally disturbing is the attraction Islam has for some Westerners who allege spiritual sustenance in its adherence. And they speak of it as if it was a new religion. Islam is not a new religion. It is a corruption of Christianity and a very dangerous one. The Hijab is a copy of the Mantilla that some Catholic women wear. Ramadan is a copy of Lent. Any person who knows anything of history will know that Islam started some 600 years after the death of Christ.
    Australians, and all Westerners need to realise that Muslims mean us harm